Sanha Tee Features & Specifications

Sanha Tee adjustable golf tee, strong 3-piece polyurethane adjustable golf tee for driving ranges


The Sanha Tee is an adjustable golf tee for driving ranges. The patent pending design consists of three polyurethane pieces, a base which is inserted under and thru a commercial grass mat, and two adjustable telescopic-like units.

The two adjustable units slide within the base, as well as within each other, thus allowing for easy adjustability by simply pushing or pulling the tee to the exact height desired.

The Sanha tee has no grooves on the inside, so there is no need to twist or turn it while adjusting the height.

The outside of the tee is also smooth and tapered just like traditional wooden tees, thus limiting the friction between the tee and club during impact.


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Sanha Tee adjustable golf tee, strongest adjustable golf tee for golf driving ranges, made in the USA by Just Rite Golf Tee Company