About Just Rite Golf Tee Company

Sanha Tee adjustable golf tee, best adjustable golf tee for driving ranges

Just Rite Golf Tee Company originated in 2009, after Dr. Elliot Lipstock, a former physician for the Acushnet Company, approached Iselann-Moss Industries, a leading manufacturer of polyurethane products, with a vision of an adjustable tee for driving ranges.

His frustration to find an appropriate tee to accommodate his swing at ranges with standard rubber tees led to this invention.

After two years of research and testing, we designed a viable adjustable golf tee that matches the exact size and characteristics of an actual golf tee used on a golf course: a tee that is Just Rite.

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Testimonials About Our Durable Adjustable Golf Tee Product!

"I have been using the Sanha Tee by Just Rite Golf Tee Co. for a year now, and not only has it been a huge hit with my both my customers and teaching professionals, but it is an invaluable part of my driving range business. Everyone who has tried it simply will not use anything else. The ability to adjust the height, the durability, and the look & feel of a wooden tee make my range more popular than ever. Even my golf course superintendent appreciates the Sanha Tee by Just Rite Golf Tee Co., as he no longer has to clean up broken wooden tees that damage the blades on his mowers."

"Simply the best golf range product I've seen in years."

Dan Gaughan, Executive Director & Head PGA Golf Professional
Button Hole Golf Course & Teaching Center - Providence, RI

"Just Rite Golf Tee Company has created a state-of-the-art golf tee product which will strongly impact the driving range industry. This invention was tested and found to be very durable at my driving range during the summer of 2011. It can be adjusted to any desirable height and remains at that height after repeated striking. My customers were fascinated with this quality golf tee product, which made practice more enjoyable."

Shawn Lapworth, Head Golf Professional
Little Harbor Golf Club - Wareham, MA

"Sanha Tee took thousands of hits at Wilson's Staff Driving Range at the PGA Show-Orlando 2013. Its unique blend of adjustability and durability is out of this world."

Josh Mulligan, Southwest Regional Manager
Wilson's Staff

"Tour Edge feels that the Sanha Tee is a product of the future. It is not only adjustable, but it also gives the actual feel of hitting a wooden tee. Our experience with it at the 2013 Orlando PGA Show was nothing less than sensational."

Tony Herb, Tour Edge Staff

"Mizuno's Professional Staff claims that the engineering of the Sanha Tee is revolutionary. On the Mizuno Range at the 2013 Orlando PGA Show, it easily adjusted to an optimal height for each golfer and never broke after continual use for the three days of the show."

Sanha Tee adjustable golf tee, strongest adjustable golf tee for golf driving ranges, made in the USA by Just Rite Golf Tee Company